Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I realise things have been a bit quiet on the vlog front recently, I've had a lot on with getting the play ship shape and I've not really had the technical support I want... So, to keep the buzz alive, I thought I'd upload my CV to give you a taste of my acting career so far. Video version to follow, fingers crossed!

1993, Canmore Primary Nativity: Christ United - Captain of Shepherd Wednesday
1995, Canmore Primary Easter Play: Arisen - The Baker's Tale - Baker 4
1998, P7 Play: The Return of the Pied Piper - Rat Attack! - Mayor of Hamlyn (also co-writer)
1999, DHS Production: Oliver! - Chorus
2000, DHS Production: Godspell - Andrew
2001, DHS Production: Bugsy Malone - Razzmatazz (credited as Brad Ashton)
2002, DHS Production: The Lion King - Chief Hyena
2003, DHS Production: White Christmas - Ezekiel Foster
2004, DHS Production: Godspell - Judas
2004, Red Table Theatre: Fireraisers - Herr Biedermann
2005, Red Table Theatre: The Visit - The Priest
2006, Red Table Theatre: The Cherry Orchard - Trofimov
2007, Red Table Theatre: A Government Inspector Calls - The Government Inspector/The Mayor (Fringe debut)
2008, ASC: Pinter Shorts - Man/Lodger/Sasha
2009, ASC: Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off - John Knox (understudying La Corbie)
2009, ASC: Mother Courage and Her Children - Swiss Cheese
2010, ASC: Epicene or The Silent Woman - Epicene

2010 - The Future..........

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